2012 Demonstrators

2012 Artisans in Action

       The Old-Time Music, Ozark Heritage Festival features both demonstrations and sales by a wide variety of material artists and craftspeople throughout the two-day event.  Material art and craft genres have often been exhibited during the festival.  Many of these material arts and crafts originated for entirely utilitarian reasons and were essential for meeting the basic needs of Ozarks residents in past generations.  As a result of changes in the region’s economy, especially the increased availability of manufactured goods since the mid-twentieth century, such arts and crafts are no longer practical necessities, but many talented artisans and craftspeople in the Ozarks continue to practice them both as outlets for their creativity and as means of celebrating the region’s rich cultural heritage.  In many cases, these crafts and art forms have incorporated more aesthetic elements as they have evolved over time, and artistry now takes precedence over functionality in the work of many of their practitioners (though this is certainly not always the case).  Some of the artisans and craftspeople who participate in the Old-Time Music, Ozark Heritage Festival practice their arts and crafts as living traditions, and their work reflects ongoing developments within those traditions, including, in some cases, their own innovations.  Other participants in the festival are historical re-enactors who strive to practice their arts and crafts as they were practiced generations ago.  Some of the artisans and craftspeople have products available for purchase; all of them encourage festival-goers to observe their work and ask them questions about it.  Organizations devoted to material crafts and art forms who will participate in this year’s festival include:
SpinnersCountry Heritage Spinners & Weavers a fiber arts guild which draws members from throughout the Ozarks region. 








Southern Belle Grandmothers Quilt ShowQuilt Show

Quilts on display daily 9-7 in the Magnolia Room of the West Plains Civic Center

“Green Delight” quilt was machine embroidered by Wanda Hunter and will be exhibited at the festival.  It will be given away in October.









Oak Baskets

Steve and Debbie Uhlmann, Drury, MO



Hutton Valley QuiltersQuilters a traditional quilting group that meets regularly in the Hutton Valley Community Center, Hutton Valley, MO.

Quilting Hands


















Ozark Mountain Long RiflesRendezvous This club, with members from throughout the region, will be encamped on the Civic Center green. They will demonstrate making reed chair seats, cooking, pouring lead bullets, beadwork, finger weaving, blacksmithing, knife and tomahawk, fire building with flint and steel, black powder musketry and other skills from the early 1800’s.2010 Festival - Rendezvous



















 Pride of the Ozarks Goat Breeders Club

Goat cart races, goats and information
















 Mandolin Maker

 Mike Holmes, Shawnee Creek Mandolins, Eminence, MO




Beeswax Candlemaking Pam Wright of Wright Honey Farm. Beeswax Candle making.





Possom Trot Enterprises and Native Bead Work

Lyn Barnes and Marian Belt, Tecumseh, Mo.






Bow Making Butch StoneAva, MO.






Leather Work Gary Gammon, Sparta, MO





Jonboat Maker

Larry Dablemont, Bolivar, MO





Guitar Making Ozark Luthiers West Plains, MO







David Lynch, Sweet Woods Instruments, Warrensburg, MO





Pamela Dattilo, West Plains, MO





Antique Tractors and Equipment

Older Iron Club




Farmers Market

West Plains Area Farmers Market members




Woodcrafts & Folk Art

Scrollsaw art – Gene Jamtgaard, West Plains, MO




Native American culture and dance

Nizhoni Wayz – Falcon family



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